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As desired by Guru Tegh Bahadur, his family started towards Punjab in February 1672. In about six months that is in August of that year the party reached Lakhnaur in the district of Ambala. The rains had begun. The rivulets, which crossed the path to Anandpur, were all flooded and difficult to cross. Hence the party had to halt at Ambala to let the rivulets subside. The party spent about five months at Lakhnaur, resumed its journey in January 1673, and reached Anandpur in due course.

At Anandpur, Sri Gobind Rai was now passing the happiest days of his life. His regular education was begun now. He had already learnt Sanskrit and Persian as well as the Sikh scripture. Special and suitable arrangements were made for training him in horsemanship and the use of arms. The time which he could snatch from his studies and training exercises, he spent in games and recreation.

His blissful life at Anandpur was soon cut short rather abruptly. One day, as he came home after a spell of play, he found a group of strangers sitting before his father. They were all sad and down-cast. His father, too, was sad and lost in thought. He asked his father why he was so sad and lost in thought. Then, turning to thegroup of people sitting there he said, 'Who are these people? They seem to be lost in sadness and despair. What have they come for? What have they been telling you? What are you thinking about, dear father?'

The Guru replied, 'They are Pundits from Kashmir. They are face to face with a life-and-death problem. Their Muslim Governor has told them to choose between Islam and death. They are told either to become Muslims or be prepared to die. They want neither this nor that. They have come to me for advice. It is a very serious problem. Our Muslim rulers are making life miserable. They are treating their Hindu subjects with utmost injustice and cruelty. They have no compassion. They have ceased to be human. They have come to behave like wild, fierce beasts. Their frozen, stony hearts need to be melted and softened. Their inhuman behaviour has to be made human. There seems to be but one way to do all this. Some great holy man should sacrifice himself. How and where to find such a one, is the question before me. That is the problem which has made me sad and lost in deep, serious thought. May God guide and help me.

Sri Gobind Rai was hardly eight years of age. He at once said to his father, 'For that great sacrifice, dear father, who can be fitter and worthier than you.' The Guru accepted his son's suggestion. He said to the Pundits, “Go and say to the Governor. Guru Tegh Bahadur is our guide and leader. First make him a Muslim, we will follow his example. I am sure he will agree. Leave the rest to me. I shall act as the Lord above directs me to do.”

The Pundits made no delay in acting as advised by the Guru. As a result, he was arrested in July 1675. He was fettered, and shut up in an iron cage. He was taken to Delhi. There he was publicly beheaded in the Chandni Chowk on November 11, 1675. The place where the Guru was beheaded is called Sis Ganj. A Gurudwara was built there by Sardar Baghel Singh in 1790. In this way Guru Tegh Bahadur made the supreme sacrifice for the sake of protecting the Hindu religion.



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