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Mistakes Made While Reciting Bani

Posted by dhansikhi on April 8, 2012 at 5:25 AM

People have been reading Gurbani for years but there are still some mistakes that people make while reading or reciting it. In general after reading any bani, we do ardas and ask for forgiveness for reciting anything wrong but there is a common mistake which some people do even in the ardas. In this article I will point out three mistakes that I have heard myself while in a gurdwara.

This mistake is the most common that people do. Many Raagis and Sants have pointed out this mistake in various places but still people do this. Of course this mistake is not done on purpose but if one says something the other thinks that he is right and he starts to say the same thing. The mistake is while reciting for ardaas, the line where it is “Koe na jaane tumra ant, Uche te ucha bhagwant”, people mistake the word ‘te’ with ‘se’ and the line becomes “Uche se ucha bhagwant”. This may look like a small mistake but mistaking ‘te’ with ‘se’ changes the meaning of the verse.

The second mistake is done while reciting ‘Anand Sahib’. The line where you read “Anad Suno vad bhagiyo”, people say the word ‘Anad’ as ‘Anand’. This again is a mistake which is done everyday atleast in our local Gurdwara. This makes the line as “Anand suno vad bhagiyo”. Although the meaning of both the words is mostly same but it is better to read and recite Bani as written by the Guru.

The third mistake is done while reciting salok after Anand Sahib. The line where it is read “Change-aiyan bure-aiyan vaache dharma hadur”, people read the word “vaache” as “vaaje”. Now this entirely changes the line. The word vaaje is used when something or someone is saying or playing something. In this line saying Vaaje will mean that some tape recorder is playing in front of the ‘Dharam Hadur’. It is Vaache and not Vaaje.

These are some mistakes that I heard people saying, I will update this article if I found any more mistakes. I apologize for any mistake that I have made myself. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.


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